Clinical Trials Listing

A complete listing of current clinical trials at UVA Health System.

ClinicalTrials A Group-Wide Protocol for Collecting and Banking Pediatric Cancer Research Specimens
ClinicalTrials A Phase II Trial of Rituximab in Myasthenia Gravis (NN103)
ClinicalTrials Adolescent Hormone Study
ClinicalTrials Adolescent hormone Study
ClinicalTrials Adult smokers ages 21 and older are invited to be part of research study involving video game software
ClinicalTrials Adult women over the age of 18 with invasive breast cancer with positive hormone receptors and 1-3 positive lymph nodes for a research study.
ClinicalTrials Adultes with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction are needed for a research study
ClinicalTrials Adults who are potential kidney Transplant recipients needed for a research study
ClinicalTrials Antidepressant-associated sexual dysfunction study
ClinicalTrials Aortic Aneurysm Study for Adults
ClinicalTrials Apact Study - Clinical Trial for Adults with Surgically Resected Pancreatic Cancer
ClinicalTrials Are you preparing for esophageal surgery to treat a non-cancerous condition?
ClinicalTrials Are you scheduled for surgery due to Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy?
ClinicalTrials Are you suffering from chest pain or shortness of breath when physically active?
ClinicalTrials Astigmatism, Contacts & Driving Safety
ClinicalTrials Cancer Vaccine with Ipilimumab Study for Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma
ClinicalTrials caregiver of someone with memory loss needed for research study
ClinicalTrials Children and Adults with or without joint injury of the leg are needed for a research study
ClinicalTrials Clinical Research for patients with neuroblastoma
ClinicalTrials Clinical trial for patients less than 22 years old with newly diagnosed hepatoblastoma (any stage)
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