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Multimedia Support Services

The Health System offers a wide range of multimedia support services and facilities.

The Health System Web Development Center provides support for departments interested in creating Web sites on the Health System Web. Departments, centers, or divisions of the HS are encouraged to promote their services and research through the HS Web site. Further information on HS Web development can be obtained through the toolkit or by contacting:

ITC-Academic Computing Health Sciences (ITC-ACHS) (third floor of Hospital West) provides a blend of hardware, software, services, and personnel to support a wide range of specialized biomedical research applications in health informatics, data visualization, molecular biology, and image acquisition and editing.

The Office of Medical Education provides curriculum support and help with advanced multimedia applications specific to medical education. Through the development of sophisticated computer-assisted programs, faculty and students are given an opportunity to gain experience with databases, modeling, simulation, and hypertext while developing computer-assisted instruction (CAI) modules. For more information contact, or phone 924-1528.

The Health Sciences Library Microcomputer Lab consists of both PC and Macintosh computers, many equipped with videodisc players and monitors. Flatbed and slide scanners are available at workstations equipped with image manipulation and OCR (optical character recognition) software. For additional information call 924-5521.

Medical Photography and Media Production Services (UVa affilitates only) provide comprehensive support for audiovisual needs. Specialized photography services include slides, films, photomicroscopy/macroscopy, studio photography, and digital imaging. In response to the expanding use of video in patient education, staff training, and community health promotion, Media Services offers video production services and audio visual support for the HS, handles audiovisual and communication equipment repairs, and provides access to the Hospital In-House CCTV (e.g., the Baby Channel and Healthline). For a list of currently available in-house programs (UVa affiliates only), consult their Web page. For more information on medical photography, call 924-5296; for media production services, call 924-9100.