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*Current Virus Alerts
*Health System Computing Services -- Computing Policies / Web Access

*University-wide Computing Policies
*ITCWEB (Computing and Communications)
*ITC Software Central
*Cavalier Computers

Getting Started

*Accounts and Passwords -- Health System Employees
*Acounts and Passwords -- University Employees (via ITC)
*Getting Started with Computing at the Health System (PDF)
*Buying a Computer for Medical School

Health System User Support Services

*Health System Computing Services (HS/CS) (including the helpdesk)
*Information Technology & Communications (ITC)
*Multimedia Support Services
*ITC-ACHS Technical Documentation
*UVa Computing Support (ITC)
*Health Sciences Library Systems & Computing Facilities
*Clinical Engineering
*Office of Telemedicine
*PDA Information & Resources
*Web Development Center & Toolkit
(Health System Web development support)

Information Technology & Communications User Support Services

*ITCWEB (Computing and Communications)
*Consulting Services (including the helpdesk)
*Public Computing Labs/Facilities
*Supported Electronic Classrooms
*World Wide Web Support and Services
*Software Central Download Site
*Dial-in Access

Computing Centers and Labs

*Academic Computing Health Sciences (ACHS)

*Computer & Lab Use Policies
*Imaging Tools

*Health System Microlab (Learning Resources Center)

*Equipment Circulation Policy
*Classroom Reservation Policy

*Other UVa Computer Labs

Computing Courses

*Current Calendar ---- Next Month's Class Calendar
The class calendar is updated monthly by the Health Sciences Library.

*Health System Computing Services*
*may require HSCDOM domain login
Office automation training and clinical information & administrative systems

*ITC Training and Classes
*ITC Instructional Technology Courses

The following UVa facilities offer classes:

*ITC - Academic Computing Health Sciences
(434) 982-4025

*Health Sciences Library
(434) 924-5521

*Health System Computing Services (HS/CS)
(434) 924-8692

*Information Technology and Communication (ITC)
(434) 243-6595

*University of Virginia Library
(434) 924-7702


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