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Children's Hospital

Admission | Admitting Oncology Patient from Outpatient to Inpatient with Active Infusion

Admission | Admitting Oncology Patient from Outpatient to Inpatient with Controlled Substance Infusion

Admission | Process for Periviable Birth

Antiseptic Choice for Venipuncture and Arterial Puncture in the Neonate

Breastmilk | Bedside Refrigeration

Breastmilk | Freezing Breastmilk

Breastmilk | Obtaining a DME Breast Pump with a Voucher Payment

Breastmilk | Procurement of a Breast Pump through ABC Healthcare

ECMO - Emergent Pediatric Cardiac ECMO (eCPR)

ECMO - Non-emergent ECMO Activation (Children’s Hospital)

ETT - NICU Stabilization of Endotracheal Tube with Neofit or Portex Stabilizers

Handover - NICU Handover of Care

Handover - PICU / NICU to OR Preoperative Handoff

Lab - Drying and Transit of Newborn Screening (NBS)

Meds - Administration of High Dose Methotrexate Infusions (Acute Care Pediatrics)

Neonate - Labeling Umbilical Venous and Arterial Catheters

NICU | Newborn Hearing Testing Process

NICU | Patient Death

NICU | Skin to Skin Holding for Ventilated Infant in NICU

Pediatric PICC 3M™ Tegaderm™ CHG Gluconate Dressing Change with SECUREMENT DEVICE

Pediatric Sepsis Evaluation

Phototherapy for Crigler-Najjar Patients

PICU | Double Pumping Vasoactive Infusion

PICU | Placement of Pediatric Non-Weighted Post-pyloric Tube

PICU | Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Pediatric ICU

Sedation - Intranasal Versed for Minimal Sedation/Anxiolysis for Minor Procedures (Acute Care Pediatrics)

Subcutaneous Treprostinil (Remodulin) Infusion

Trach - Children’s Hospital Tracheostomy Inpatients

Zebra Band Printing

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