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patient education : 06077--Your Foley Catheter

This is a reproduction of the Patient Education information contained in the Bard Medical Foley catheter insertion kit - English on one side, Spanish on the other (PK7636570 - 03/2014). Give patient/family info sheet, review key points, determine understanding using Teachback. Teaching is considered a part of insertion documentation for CAUTI prevention. Give handout PE06015 - Caring for your Urinary Catheter at Home on discharge.

Handout File:

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  1. document content:

    A urinary catheter is a thin tube placed in the bladder to drain urine.  The urine drains through a tube into the collection bag.  If you have a urinary catheter, it is possible for germs to gravel along the catheter and cause an infection in your bladder or your kidney; in that case it is called a catheter-associated urinary tract infection (or "CA-UTI"). 

    How can I take every precaution to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections?

    • Ask your healthcare provider each day if you still need your catheter
    • Make sure your catheter tubing is secured to your leg or abdomen if possible
    • Make sure all hospital staff wash or sanitize their hands before and after touching your catheter
    • Do not tug, pull or twist the catheter tubing
    • Always keep your urine drain bag below the level of your bladder or hips and off the floor
    • Avoid disconnecting the catheter from the drain tube. 
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