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patient education : 09013--Vulvar Care Instructions

Wound and skincare for external vulvar conditions.

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    The vulva is the external genital skin of the female.  The skin of the vulva can be very sensitive to changes.

    How can I decrease irritation, itching, and pain?

    • Purchase a sitz bath (a small shallow tub that allows you to sit your bottom in warm water)
      • Found at your pharmacy or medical supply store for around $10-$15. You do not need one with a bag and tubing.
    • Take several sitz baths a day. Always take a sitz bath before bed and after sexual intercourse. Follow these directions:
      • Fill size bath with warm (NOT HOT) water.
      • Sit in bath for 1-10 minutes depending on your schedule.
      • Gently pat yourself dry.
      • Apply Vaseline® or petroleum jelly to sore or itchy area after each sitz bath.
    • Avoid all things that can cause irritation when they come in to contact with your skin or mucous membranes.
      • Avoid soap or other products on the vulva.
      • Double rinse underwear when doing laundry.
      • Avoid all fabric softeners.
      • If you use pads, and if they cause irritation, try washable cotton pads.
    • Before you have sexual intercourse:
      • If lubrication is needed, use unscented Albolene®. The product is a moisturizing cleanser, but is safe to use as a lubricant unless you will use a condom. The mineral oil in Albolene® will break down the latex in condoms, so use a different type of condom if needed.
      • If lidocaine ointment has been prescribed for intercourse, apply a ½ inch of ointment to the sore area 30 minutes before intercourse. This may cause some numbness for your partner.

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