Tips for Putting Medications into Your PEG

Tips for Putting Medications into Your PEG


Many medications may be put into your PEG. Ask your pharmacist to review your prescribed and over the counter medications to be sure they are okay to put into your PEG


Important Note:  Do NOT crush or open capsules of medications labeled extended-release or entericcoated, unless otherwise directed.  Extended-release formulations will be designated by:

  • XL, XR, or XT (extended-release)
  • SR (sustained-release)
  • CR, CD (controlled-release)
  • LA (long-acting)


If any medications cannot be put in your PEG, your pharmacist may help you by reaching out to the healthcare provider that prescribed a medication to suggest another option. 


For the medications you have now learned may be put into your PEG, here are some suggestions:

  • Liquid medications may be used
  • Pills or tablets should be ground into a fine powder and then mixed with 1 syringe of water. See “How to Crush Medications” below
  • Capsules approved by your pharmacist may be opened and mixed with 1 syringe of water
  • NOTE: allow a few minutes for the medication to dissolve in the water
  • Do NOT add medications directly to your tube feeding formula
  • It is best to put one medication at a time in your PEG
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to flush your PEG before and after putting dissolved medications into your PEG with at least 1 syringe of water BEFORE and AFTER to avoid clogging your PEG
  • We do not recommend using fiber supplements in your PEG


Again, flushing your PEG before AND after administration of any medication helps prevent your PEG from getting clogged 

How to Crush Medications:  

Hand-held pill crushers are available. These can be purchased online or at your local pharmacy. 


A variety of types and prices can be found by searching online for: 

♦ “Ezy Dose pill crusher”

♦ “Pill grinder” or “pill crusher”


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For more information see:

Call your healthcare provider for additional assistance