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patient education : 07011--Thyrogen Stimulation Test

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    Thyrogen Stimulation Test INSTRUCTIONS

    Your doctor has ordered a Thyrogen stimulation test.  This will take place in the Endocrine Clinic.  These are single injections and will take only a few moments to administer.  This test is done in conjunction with blood tests and/or a nuclear medicine scan in the evaluation and treatment of thyroid cancer.


    Do not take these medicines before coming:




    Take these medicines before coming:





    • Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.  Register on the first floor floor then come to the Endocrinology Clinic on the second floor.
    • You will be escorted to the testing/infusion room.  The procedure will be explained to you by a nurse.  The nurse will review your appointment schedule for your week of testing.  This schedule may include appointments with Nuclear Medicine and lab work.
    • An intramuscular (IM) injection will be administered into the gluteus maximus (buttock) muscle.
    • This injection will be administered on days ONE and TWO (usually Monday and Tuesday) of your testing week.
    • After the injection a dressing will be put over the puncture site and you will be discharged.

    POST-TEST Instructions:

    • You may return to your normal activities depending on how you feel.
    • Continue your regular medicines unless given different instructions.
    • Possible side effects may include:
      • Fatigue (feeling tired or sleepy)
      • Nausea or upset stomach
      • Headache
      • Please call your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.
      • In case of an emergency call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
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