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Therapies: Physical & Occupational

Doc #TitleEnglishSpanishPublish or Revision Date
16114 Activity Precautions After Pacemaker and ICD Implants 2020 Jan
16113 Arm Exercises Using Resistance Bands in Bed 2015 Oct
16112 Arm Exercises Using Resistance Bands, Sitting 2015 Oct
16117 Cervical Collar Patient Handbook 2016 Jan
04112 Concussion Follow-up Information 2017 Sep
16217 Dyspnea/ Shortness of Breath Handout 2020 Sept
16051 Energy Conservation 2015 Dec
16202 Energy Conservation for Everyday Living 2019 Mar
16055 Fall Prevention at Home 2015 Dec
16049 Fine Motor Coordination Exercises 2015 Dec
16002 Hip Abduction Brace 2015 Dec
16110 Leg Exercise Program in Bed 2015 Oct
16111 Leg Exercise Program Using Resistance Bands, Sitting 2015 Oct
16109 Leg Exercise, Sitting 2015 Oct
16128 Log Roll Instructions 2017 Mar
16050 Managing Cervical Collar While Seated or Standing 2019 Sep
16133 Managing Your Cervical Collar Flat In Bed 2020 June
16197 Managing Your CTLSO Flat in Bed 2018 Nov
16156 Managing Your Shoulder Abduction Sling 2019 Apr
16135 Putting on Your Aspen LSO or TLSO While Sitting 2020 June
16134 Putting on Your Aspen TLSO While Flat in Bed 2020 June
16069 Putting on Your Clamshell LSO or TLSO Laying Flat 2015 Dec
16068 Putting on your clamshell LSO or TLSO Sitting 2016 Jan
16205 Resources for Obtaining Discounted or Free Durable Medical Equipment 2020 June
16115 Showering with a HEARTMATE VAD 2020 June
16116 Showering with a HEARTWARE VAD 2020 June
16196 Splint Instructions from the Hand Center 2018 Aug
16066 Sternal Precautions 2019 Feb
16123 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Information 2016 Nov
16098 Thoracotomy Exercises 2016 Nov
16085 Total Hip Precautions 2015 Dec
16204 Total Shoulder Arthroplasty 2019 Apr
16054 Walking Program 2015 Dec








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