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patient education : 14089--Temporary Dialysis Catheter Insertion

Discharge instructions from Interventional Radiology after temporary dialysis catheter insertion

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    These instructions will help you take care of yourself at home.



    You may resume your diet today.  You may choose to start with liquids and advance your diet as tolerated.  No alcohol for 24 hours.



    Rest for the remainder of the day. No strenuous activity involving straining of the neck while you have this catheter. If you received sedation medication, no driving for 24 hours or operating heavy machinery.



    The IV site may be sore.  Wet, warm soaks for 15-30 minutes every few hours will help. 


    Special Care Needed

    This catheter is for dialysis use only.  Leave the dressing in place over temporary line site at all times.  Do not get the dressing wet.  If it gets wet, place new gauze and tape over site until you go for your next dialysis appointment where they will change the dressing. 



    • See medication record ________________________          
    • Prescription given ____________________________      



    Watch for sign and symptoms of infection at the catheter insertion site such as redness, swelling, warmth, drainage and fever.



    Tell your dialysis doctor or nurse if your catheter has been pulled or damaged in any way.  You may need to return to Angio for a check or replacement.  Also call your dialysis doctor or the Angio department for any signs of infection as listed above.

    If you have any questions or problems, or need to change an appointment, please call:

    • 7:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday (434) 924-9401
    • After hours and weekends (434) 924 9400. 
      Ask for the Angio Interventional Radiology Fellow on call
    • UVA Toll Free number (800) 251-3627
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