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patient education : 16103--Swallowing Strategies

Methods to improve swallowing from Speech Language Pathology

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    Swallowing Strategies

    Diet: __________________________

    Medications: ___________________

    _____ Sit upright 90 degrees in a chair, at the table.

    _____ Small bites/sips

    _____ Eat slowly, chew thoroughly

    _____ Alternate bite of food with sip of drink

    _____ Swallow ____ time(s) after each bite/sip

    _____ Chin tuck (look down at chest until swallow is complete)

    _____ Head turn to the Right/Left

    _____ Reduce distractions while eating (no talking, turn off TV)

    _____ Remain upright 30 minutes after meals. Do not recline.

    _____ Oral care (brush teeth, clean dentures) at least 3 times daily.

    _____ Dentures (Remove / Put in for eating)

    _____  ____________________________________________

    _____  ____________________________________________

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