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patient education : 03115--Secretin Stimulation Test

Information on Secreting Stimulation Test, how to prepare, and what to expect with the test.

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    Secretin Stimulation Test


    Why do I need this test?  

    This test will help your doctor learn why you might have one or more of the following problems:

    • A high blood level of the hormone, gastrin, that plays a part in making stomach acid
    • Too much stomach acid
    • Stomach ulcers

    How do I get ready for this test?

    • If you take any of the following medicines:
      • Prilosec
      • Prevacid
      • Aciphex
      • Protonix
      • Dexilant
      • Nexium 

    Check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to stop these medications! 

    • If it is safe to stop taking them, do not take them for 5 days before the test or according to your doctor’s instructions.
    • YOU MAY USE these medications up to 24 hours before the test:
      • Zantac
      • Pepcid
      • Tums
      • Rolaids
      • Maalox
    • DO NOT EAT OR DRINK for 12 hours before the test 
      • It is important to drink a lot of liquids the day before the test!

    The day of the test

    • You may take your morning medications (other than those mentioned above) as usual. 
    • Bring a list of your current medications and medication allergies with you.
    • Please limit the number of people you bring with you.

    Arrive at 500 Monroe Lane UVA Endoscopy 15 minutes before your appointment 

    • When you arrive check-in with the receptionist.
    • After registration, you will be called to the procedure area.  

    How is this test done?

    You will have an intravenous (IV) line placed in both arms. Secretin medication will be given through one IV, then over the next 30 minutes, we will draw blood samples from the other IV. You may feel sick on the stomach and have some stomach cramping but these symptoms usually will go away within 5-15 minutes.

    Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment.

    What happens after the test?

    • You may eat and continue or restart all your medications after the test is done.
    • Before you leave you will be given discharge instructions. Please contact the physician who ordered your test in 10 days to obtain your test results for your plan of care.
    • After you leave, if you have any concerns related to your test please call the hospital operator (434)924-0000 and ask for the GI doctor-on-call. You may also go to your local emergency room. 

    Questions or concerns prior to the test:

    • If you have questions about the test please call (434)297-5665.
    • If you need to cancel or reschedule your test, please call (434)294-5664.
    • If you are out of the area, you may use 1(800)251-3627 and ask the operator to connect you to any of the above numbers.
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