Peanut Challenge


  • Be sure your child does not eat anything for 1 hour prior to the appointment.  Fluids are allowed.
  • Be prepared to stay for 2.5-3 hours.
  • Please be sure your child is off ALL antihistamines for a minimum of 72 hours (optimally, 1 week) before the food challenge visit.
  • Bring your epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen/Auvi-q/Adrenaclick).
  • If your child is sick with fever or respiratory symptoms, or is having an eczema, allergy, or asthma flare, call our office (434-982-3654) before coming for your appointment.
  • Please call our office (434-982-3654) A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE of your food challenge appointment if you are unable to keep the appointment.
  • Please read the specific food challenge instructions below. 

Peanut Challenge:

  1. Bring both a jar of peanut butter and peanut powder commercially available. 
  2. Bring your child’s favorite spoon and at least two options to eat with the peanut butter, such as crackers, pretzel sticks, or bread.
  3. Please also bring at least 2 or 3 options of either plain yogurt, pudding, plain mashed potatoes, or applesauce to mix with the peanut butter powder based on your child’s preference.    
  4. You may also bring Reeses Pieces or other peanut candy that your child might want to eat in addition to the peanut butter and powder.