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patient education : 04093--Patient and Family Instructions for Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Patients

Admission instructions for pediatric patients in epilepsy monitoring unit

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    • A parent or adult caretaker must stay with your child at all times. Ideally, this person is familiar with your child’s events.

    • Press the push button for any seizures or concerning events, if you feel that a seizure is going to start, or if you recognize that an event has just ended. When in doubt, always push the event button.

    • When you push the event button, please describe out-loud why you are pushing the event.  The push button will prompt your monitor watcher to call into your room and ask you questions about the event.  Your nurse will also be notified, and will help you.

    • Stay in view of the camera at all times.  Do not go outside your room.

    • Parents/Visitors: Please make sure that you do not stand or sit between the patient and the camera because it blocks our view.

    • You can sponge bath your child, but we ask that you NOT wash his/her hair.

    • Do not disconnect your child from the EEG system for any reason.

    • Please do not leave your child in the bathroom unattended.

    • Your child can use a bandana to cover his/her head.

    • Please attempt to limit the number of times that your child scratches his/her head. If your child is frequently scratching or is complaining of scalp itchiness, please let your nurse know.

    • Gum cannot be chewed during the admission. It interferes with the EEG reading.

    – Medications: Your nurse will administer all your medications. You can expect a delay in getting your morning seizure medications. Your doctors will view your EEG in the morning, and then decide what medication to give and how much to give. The nurses will administer the seizure medication only after this decision is made.

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