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Doc #TitleEnglishSpanishPublish or Revision Date
17026 After Your Parotid Surgery 2016 Apr
14056 Breast Surgery (Dr. Schroen) 2010 Oct
14107 Breast Surgery (Dr. Brenin) 2010 Oct
17037 CAR T-cell Therapy 2019 Apr
70766A Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography 2017 Aug
17024 Cyst Aspiration 2021 Jan
17035 FIT Screening Instructions 2018 Nov
17027 Free Flap Surgery 2016 Jul
17022 Glactogram/Ductogram 2021 Jan
17032 High Dose Radiation Tandem and Ovoid Brachytherapy 2018 Mar
17033 High Dose Rate Brachytherapy using Y Applicator 2018 Mar
17034 Interstitial Brachytherapy 2018 Mar
17030 Intravaginal Brachytherapy 2018 Feb
14038 Laser Surgery 2010 Oct
14039 Mediastinoscopy 2010 Dec
17021 MRI Breast Needle Biopsy 2021 Jan
17038 Photopheresis Patient Handout 2019 Jun
17009 Breast Care Center -Post Procedure Instructions  2021 Jan
17025 Post Procedure Instructions After Seed Placement 2021 Jan
17031 Space OAR Instructions 2017 Oct
17039 Stem Cell Transplant Discharge Information 2019 Jul
17020 Stereotactic Core Biopsy 2016 Oct
17028 Swallowing after a total laryngectomy 2016 Oct
17036 Thiotepa: What your nurses would like you to know 2019 Mar

Understanding the Basics of your Complete Blood Count (CBC): For Patients with Cancer

2020 June
17023 Ultrasound Core Biopsy 2021 Jan
17029 Vaginal Stenosis 2017 Jan








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