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Language Assistance Services

Doc #TitleEnglishSpanishPublish or Revision Date
080560 Anesthesia Administration Consent Information 2017 May
30025A Blood Transfusion Consent Information 2019 Sep
190402 Blood Transfusion Refusal/ Partial Acceptance Consent Information 2019 Sep
93002 Dialing Instructions for Spanish Callers to UVA 2016 Jun

Medical/Surgical Procedures and Administration of Anesthesia or Sedation

2018 Oct

Radiation Safety Instructions for Patients Released Containing Greater Than 6.9 mCi of Na131 Iodine

2017 May

Speech Board

2017 Jul
93001 Tool Kit 2016 Feb








Checklist for Creating or Adopting Education Material

Follow this checklist to guide you through the creation, revision, or adoption of education material.   

Reminder:   All material must be reviewed every 3 years.


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Patient & Family Education Coordinator 

Lori Mays MSN, RN

Patient Education Video Library

Find videos on multiple topics for your patients and families.  Video clips from The Wellness Network and UVA Health.  Available in MyChart or by anyone online:  

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