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Interventional Radiology

Doc #TitleEnglishSpanishPublish or Revision Date
14054 AV Fistula/Dialysis Access Route 2010 Oct

Central Venous Catheter (CVC) Safety

2017 Dec
14075 Chemoembolization Discharge Instructions 2015 May
14074 Chemoembolization of Liver Tumors 2015 May
14080 Fistulagram or Fistula Declot 2015 Dec
14081 Implanted Port Placement 2017 Dec
14083 Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement 2015 Dec
14084 Inferior Vena Cava Filter Removal 2009 Jun
14018 Insertion of a Central Line 2010 Sep
14269 Interventional Radiology Appointment Preparation 2018 Feb
14073 Liver Radio-Frequency Ablation Discharge Instructions 2015 May
14066 Molnar Disc Dressing Change Instructions 2015 Aug
14104 Nephrostomy or Biliary Tube Check and Change 2015 Dec
14271 Nephrostomy, Biliary Drainage Catheter instructions - Interventional Radiology Video 2017 Dec
14065 Percufix Device Dressing Change Instructions 2015 Sep
14085 Permanent Dialysis Catheter Insertion 2015 Dec
14244 Permanent Dialysis Catheter Removal 2015 Dec
14072 Radio-Frequency Ablation of Liver Tumors 2015 May
14019 Removal of a Central Line 2010 Sep
14088 Removal of Nephrostomy or Biliary Tube 2015 Dec
14089 Temporary Dialysis Catheter Insertion 2015 Dec
14245 Tunneled Central Line Placement 2015 Dec
14082 Tunneled Line Removal 2015 Dec
14086 Tunneled Line Removal 2015 Dec
14077 Uterine Fibroid Discharge Instructions 2015 May
14076 Uterine Fibroid Embolization 2015 May
14071 Vascular Malformation Discharge Instructions 2015 May
14070 Vascular Malformations 2015 May
14087 Venogram 2015 Dec
14078 Yttrium 90 Microspheres Therapy of Liver Tumors 2015 May
14079 Yttrium-90 Microspheres (EG Sirspheres or Theraspheres) Patient Discharge Instructions 2015 May








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