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patient education : 14269--Interventional Radiology Appointment Preparation

Information for patients who are going to have a procedure in Interventional Radiology (IR).

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    Interventional Radiology Appointment Preparation

    Welcome! Our top priority is delivering the highest quality, most advanced and safest healthcare to our patients. We never stop striving to make our best better.  Please let us know how we can help make your visit an excellent experience.

    You are scheduled for a: ______________________ ON ________________

                                               Procedure Name                                     Day/Date

    Please arrive at:__________. Your Procedure is scheduled to start at ________. 

    Note:  Arrival time is earlier than the procedure time to allow time for preparation.  We work hard to start on time, but sometimes there are changes to our schedule.   We will keep you informed if there are delays. 

    Check in at Radiology Reception: Located just past the East Elevators on the 1st floor of the Hospital  Please stop at the Front Desk in the Main Lobby for directions or if you need assistance, like a wheelchair. After you register, we will take you to the Interventional Radiology Department.

    Special InstructionsIf you will be receiving sedation, the following guidelines must be followed or your procedure will be cancelled:

    • No SOLID foods for six (6) hours before your arrival time.
    • You may drink CLEAR Liquids (Water, Gatorade, BLACK coffee, Ginger-Ale) up until two (2) hours before your arrival time.
    • You will need a responsible person with you to drive you home.

    Instructions for all patients: 

    • Unless told to hold certain medications, you should take your routine medications.  Please check with your healthcare team if you have questions.
    • If you have an allergy to X-RAY contrast (dye) or iodine, contact us as soon as possible.  We will order medications for you to take at home before the procedure to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

    Pre-Procedure:  Your preparation may include an IV, medications, lab work, brief medical exam, and other tests to ensure your safety. You will be asked to sign a procedure consent form after we have answered your questions and addressed any concerns. Our collaborative team of specially trained Interventional Radiology Physicians, Registered Nurses, Radiology Technologists, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners will care for you throughout your stay in IR.

    If you have questions or concerns, call: 434-924-9401 Monday–Friday (8am-4pm).  After hours, call 434-924-9400 and ask for the Angio/Interventional Radiology Fellow on-call. 

    We will call you before your procedure to review instructions, medications, and answer any questions you may have; please give us your best contact information.

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