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patient education : 16022--Information about the Blood Thinner Injection (Shot)

Information about how to administer a blood thinner injection. Given in addition to the handout Information about Warfarin - PE 16021.

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    Information about the Blood Thinner Injection (Shot)

    The name of the blood thinner injection you are taking is  ____________________.

    • Your doctor may want you to take the injection while also taking warfarin, or you may be instructed to take the injection by itself.
    • You will need to take the injection for at least five days, sometimes ten days or longer.
    • Take the injection at the same time every day.
    • The injection goes just under the skin (subcutaneously), at least two inches away from your belly button, on the sides of your abdomen. (If you are very thin, you can use your thighs.)
    • Alternate sites with each injection. Do not inject this medication in your arms.

    How to give the blood thinner injection:

    1. Gather supplies (alcohol, syringe with medication)
    2. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds.
    3. Clean your skin with alcohol at the injection site. Let the skin dry.
    4. Gently pull off the needle cap. Hold the syringe like a dart.
    5. With your other hand, pinch up the skin between your thumb and index finger.
    6. Quickly put the needle straight in, all the way in, as you continue to pinch the skin.
    7. See if there is any blood in the syringe. If yes, remove the needle and choose a different spot on your abdomen. 
    8. Slowly push the plunger until all the medication is in your abdomen. Keep pinching the skin during this time. 
    9. Pull out the needle, then let go of the skin.

    10. Do not rub the area afterwards. Rubbing may cause a bruise.

    11. Put the needle in thick plastic bottle (like an empty bleach bottle) or a “sharps” container.  When full, put the container in the trash.  Do not put loose needles in a garbage bag.

    Possible Side Effects

    There may be a stinging pain for a few minutes after giving the injection. Sometimes there may be a small bruise or small bump under the skin.

    Call your health care provider if you notice pain, redness, warmth, swelling, pus, or bleeding at an old injection site.

    Keep your blood thinner medication in a safe, dry place where it will not get too hot or too cold. Do not keep it in the refrigerator. 

    This handout can be given in addition to PE 16021, Information about warfarin (a blood thinner medicine)

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