Enema Instructions - Without Sedation

Preparing for a procedure with UVA Digestive Health, Endoscopy

We are so glad that you chose us to provide your care. Please note that UVA performs endoscopic procedures at two locations.  You can confirm the location of your procedure by referring to your appointment reminder letter. Please follow the endoscopy guidelines and preparation instructions to help make for a successful experience. 

□     IMPORTANT: If you have diabetes or are on a blood thinner other than aspirin, please call the doctor that ordered your procedure at least 10 days before your procedure date for further instructions regarding medication adjustments. 

□     If you plan on having a driver on the day of your procedure: To help control the number of people in our waiting room, we will only allow 1 visitor per patient in the building. We apologize for the inconvenience, but children will not be allowed in the waiting room.

□     Medication and allergy information: Please bring a complete list of your current medications, their doses, and any allergies you may have.

□     Pacemaker or Internal Defibrillator: Please bring your device information card with you. 

□     CPAP Machine:  If you have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine at home, please bring it with you even if you rarely use it.  Ensure that all components, including the power cord, are included.

□     Personal belongings: Please leave all jewelry and other valuables at home.  Please do not wear contacts the day of your procedure.  If you wear glasses, hearing aids, or dentures, please bring a case with you to store these items during your procedure.

We strive to provide the safest care for all of our patients.  As a result, some procedures may take longer for some patients than others.  Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your appointment time.  We ask for your patience and that you plan to be with us at least 3 to 4 hours.    

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the UVA Endoscopy scheduling team as soon as possible at: (434) 924-9999.


Enema Instructions for Procedures without Sedation

5 days before your procedure:

□ Stop taking medications that contain iron.

□ A prescription is not required for enemas. You will need to purchase 2 fleets enemas from your local drugstore. If you need directions on how use an enema call (434) 924-9999.

On the day of your procedure:

□ You may have a light breakfast that morning and you do not need to stop drinking fluids before this appointment.

□ You will need to use 2 enemas at home 2 hours before you leave to come to your procedure.

□ Unless instructed otherwise by your healthcare provider, it is OK to take all other medications as prescribed with water up to 3 hours before your procedure (except for medications with iron and your oral diabetes medications).

□ Do not take oral diabetes medications (pills) the day of your procedure

□ You must bring your CPAP machine with you if you use one at home

□ Bring a list of your current medications