COVID-19 Visitation Update: For Patients Staying in the Hospital

UVA Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) Visitation Update: 

For Patients Staying in the Hospital


UVA Health cares about the health of our patients, team members, community and YOU, our visitor.

For your safety, and those in our care, we are taking important steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 


What steps are we taking?


Step 1: Visitor Restrictions:   Designated Visitors Only            

    Who can be a Designated Visitor?

    • Each patient, or legal guardian, may name one or two adults to be a Designated Visitor for the length of the hospital stay
    • Only one Designated Visitor can be at the bedside or on the unit at a time.
    • Children under 18 years old will not be allowed to visit at this time

          Visiting Hours:  8:00 am- 9:00 pm


      1. Pediatric Patients (PICU, Acute Care Pediatrics) – 1 designated visitor at bedside, 24/7.  A second Designated Visitor is allowed to visit between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.  Designated Visitors can only swap places one time in 24 hours.
      2. End of Life- If facing death, we can allow two Designated Visitors 24/7
      3.  Giving Birth- If you are having a baby, you can have one Designated Visitor 24/7
      4.  Adults with Cognitive, Behavioral or Special Needs- To provide support and safety, one Designated Visitor is allowed 24/7      

Step 2: Screening

          You will be screened each time before entering the building and to make sure you show no  

          signs of being sick.


Step 3: Requiring Masks:

         You must wear a mask at all times while in any UVA Health building, including

          while you are in the room with a patient.  If you are unable to wear a mask, please speak

          with a UVA team member at the building entrance.


Step 4: Requiring Visitor Check-in:

  • All Designated Visitors must check-in daily at the Main Lobby Information Desk and receive a new visitor badge each day.
  • You must show ID to receive a Visitor ID badge.
  • Expect delays at check-in.  We may ask you to be seated for a short time.

You will not be allowed in patient care areas without a Visitor ID badge.


Step 5: Visiting With a Patient

  • Please go directly to the patient’s room.
  • Please remain at the bedside with the patient wearing your mask at all times.
  • If you need to visit the restroom, cafeteria, etc., please return to the patient’s room right away.

Meals: If the patient is not in the ICU, please bring your food back to the patient’s room to eat.  You may remove your mask while you eat unless a staff member is in the room.  If the patient is in the ICU, we ask that you eat in the cafeteria.

Procedures: If the patient must leave the unit for a procedure the staff will let you know if you need to leave the patient’s room.

How can you connect with patients?

  • Call or video chat on their personal phone
  • Call: 434.982.1100 for the patient’s room and phone number
  • Staff assisted Virtual Visit:  Using FaceTime, Skype, or Webex, contact the patient’s health care team to arrange a visit.
  • Send A Free E-Card:
  • Mail:    Patient’s Full Name

UVA Medical Center

1215 Lee Street

Patient’s Unit and Room Number

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Thank you in advance for your help as we plan to take the best care of YOU and your loved ones.