6 Central Epilepsy Monitoring Unit: Guidelines and Safety Plan

6 Central Epilepsy Monitoring Unit: Guidelines and Safety Plan

FOR _________________ (Patient Name)

For my safety, I agree to the following: 

¨  I will not disconnect myself from the EEG system for any reason. If you need to change clothing, our staff will assist you.

¨  I agree to press the push button every time a spell occurs or if I feel that a spell is going to start or has just ended. When in doubt, always push the event button.

¨  When I push the button, I will describe out loud why I am pushing it. The push button will prompt the monitor watcher to call into your room and ask you questions about the event. Your nurse will also be notified and will help you.

¨  I will stay in view of the camera at all times, even when I am not attached to the EEG leads. Do not go outside your room. If you want to go to the day room, please let a staff member know and he/she will help you get there. You must be accompanied by a staff member or a family member at all times while in the dayroom.

¨  I will not scratch my head or the EEG electrodes. If your scalp becomes extremely itchy, tender or painful, please let your nurse know.

¨  I will not chew gum or tobacco during the admission. Chewing interferes with the EEG reading and can be a choking hazard. There is also no smoking allowed at any time. Please notify your nurse or physician if you require nicotine replacement therapy.

¨  I will make sure electronic devices are unplugged while I am using them. Touching electronic devices while they are plugged in interferes with the EEG reading.

Medications: Your nurse will administer all your medications. You can expect a delay in getting your morning seizure medications. Your doctors will view your EEG in the morning, and then decide what medication to give and how much to give. The nurses will administer the seizure medication only after this decision is made.

Your safety is our top priority. Since you will be in a new environment in the hospital, we will take extra precautions to ensure your safety. These include:

  • 4 bedside rails up at all times unless when using the tray for meals. We will put 1 side rail down to move your table under the bed during mealtime but will put it back up after you are done eating.
  • Bathroom safety: You may use any of these options: 

¨  Urinal/Bedpan             

¨  Bedside commode facing bed

¨  Toilet in bathroom within arms reach of staff member or family member

  • Name of family member(s) allowed________________________

You may have your hair washed using a shower cap or bedside basin to give your scalp a break after 5 days. On the day of discharge, you may take a shower using a shower chair and a staff member or family member within arms reach.