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patient education : 14011--Bronchoscopy

Discharge instructions from U.Va Health System Surgical Admission Suites after bronchoscopy procedure. Includes information about diet, activities, special care needed, infection, and when to call your doctor

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    These instructions will help you take care of yourself at home.




    Start with clear liquids after you reach home. Wait about 45 minutes and if you do not feel sick, try bland foods first and then progress to your usual diet.




    Get plenty of rest today. Keep your head elevated. You may resume your usual activities as tolerated tomorrow.



    Special Care Needed

    Your throat may be sore. Throat lozenges and warm salt water gargles may help. A small amount of blood-streaked saliva is normal.




    Watch for any sign of infection after surgery: fever, chills, increased pain, redness, or swelling.



    When to call your doctor

    Call 434-924-0000 and ask for “Resident on call”
    for Dr. _______________________ if: 

    • No urine output eight (8) hours after surgery
    • No bowel movement in three (3)days
    • There are signs of infection as above
    • Vomiting lasting more than four (4) hours
    • Large amount of bleeding (more than one teaspoon)



    Call 911 if you have chest pain or shortness of breath

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