EMU Admission - Adult - 6 Central

Admission to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) For EEG Monitoring

6 Central


Where Should I Go For The Admission?

UVA Medical Center is located at 1215 Lee Street in Charlottesville, VA. You will register on the first floor of the Primary Care Center and then you will go to the EEG lab on the ground floor within the Primary Care Center. The EEG lab is where EEG leads and wires will be placed on your head. After placement of the EEG leads onto your head, you will be guided to the Admitting Office. Even though your admission is scheduled, you may have to wait for a long time in the Admitting Office while your room is being prepared on "6 Central", the central corridor on the 6th floor. Please make sure you will not miss your medication during this time and please feel free to get some lunch from the cafeteria.


When Should I Arrive? Is There Any Preparation To Be Done?

You should arrive at the EEG Lab at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Please wash your hair prior to your admission. Do not apply anything to your hair after washing it. Please take all your regular daily medications as directed on the day of your admission. Please do not skip or delay your medications.


What Should I Bring With Me?

Bring all your current medications in their original containers and copies of all previous medical records. Once your medications are reviewed, they will be placed in security for safekeeping and be given back to you upon discharge. While you are admitted, please do not take any of your own medications, and instead allow us to administer your medications.

Although you can visit the Day Room during the day, most of your time will be spent in your hospital room. Bring something to occupy you, such as reading material, stitching, puzzles, art work, or a laptop computer (wireless internet access is available).

A teacher will visit children in their rooms, so children should bring their homework with them. You will be allowed to wear your own clothes. Button-down shirts are preferable, but normal tee-shirts are okay, you will just need assistance from staff when changing outfits. Pack clothes in anticipation of staying the full week. There is a laundry room that staff can take your clothes to for wash.


Will I Have A Private Room In The Hospital?

You will probably not have a private room. We do have a very limited number of private beds that we reserve for behavioral and infectious precautions.


What Are The Visiting Hours? Can Anyone Stay With Me?

     So long as it does not impede care, there is not a limit on the number of visitors that may come see you. After 9pm we ask that only one visitor remain at the bedside.  If your referring neurologist requested you have a family member at all times, we do our best to facilitate access to a sun bench for them to sleep on. If that is not possible, we have recliner chairs at each bedside.

     Children are welcome during daylight hours. However, there must be a responsible adult, other than the patient, present at all times to care for the child.


Will Meals Be Provided For My Overnight Guest?

The hospital can provide a second meal tray for your guest at a cost of $3.50 for breakfast, $5.00 for lunch and $5.00 for dinner. Guests are also able to bring food from home and store it in our patient refrigerator, be aware that there is limited space and anything stored will need to be taken back within 72 hours per policy.


What Should I Expect To Happen While I Am In The Hospital?

You will be continuously monitored with video and EEG. The purpose of this admission is to capture your typical seizures and determine whether your brainwaves show the events to be epileptic seizures or help determine where seizures arise from in your brain. We may try to provoke your events by decreasing your anti-seizure medication. We may try to provoke your events by decreasing your anti-seizure medication. Please tell us if you know of anything that can cause you to have an event. A staff member will not be able to remain with you at all times. However, a staff member will view you continuously over camera and will alert the staff when you have an event. Your safety is our priority, and the staff is trained to take care of all seizure emergencies.

         Because we try to provoke seizures, we have certain safety guidelines in place. Our aim is to provide you with the most freedom possible during your stay. However, it is important that we all recognize the need to also prevent potential injury from a seizure. You will be required to have at least one staff member with you any time you are walking. Within reason, you are allowed to utilize the bathroom attached to your room, however a staff member will need to remain within arm’s length and within your sight. We have a dayroom for you to visit, just ask your nurse to help coordinate a time so we can supply staff to take you there. When in your room and no staff member is present then you will either be in the bed or the chair with a safety alarm activated.

          The EEG electrodes on your head will attach to a wire that connects to the wall and will need to come with you as you walk around the room. If you are in the hospital more than three days, then on the fourth day the leads will be removed from your scalp so that you can wash your hair and place new electrode wires. By this point in your stay, it is unlikely that getting in the actual shower will be permitted, but we have ‘shower caps’ and water basins to wash your hair. You will be allowed to wash daily with a wet washcloth or hygienic wipes. On the day you go home, you might be able to take a shower with a staff member within arm’s length, possibly using the shower cap.


How Long Will I Have To Stay In The Hospital?

The length of hospital stay depends on how often you have these events. This means it can range anywhere from one overnight to one full week. The average length of stay is 3-5 days... On the day of discharge, you will be offered a shower and will do our best to have you discharged by 12pm. Please make transportation arrangements so you can depart by 11 a.m.


What Should I Do If I Cannot Come For The Admission?

If you cannot come in for your EMU Admission, please call the EMU Admissions Scheduler at 434-924-2706 as soon as possible. Admissions are scheduled weeks in advance so we appreciate advanced notice of cancellations to allow someone else who has been waiting to be admitted to be scheduled.


Whom Should I Contact If I Have More Questions?

If you have scheduling and/or insurance questions, please call the EMU Admissions Scheduler at 434-924-2706. If you have questions about the EMU itself, please call the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Nurse on 6 Central at 434-924-2101.