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policy 0119 : Tissue Review by Pathology

Other than as specifically exempted in the manner specified by this Policy, for all Medical Center patients who have had pathology evaluations of biopsied or surgically removed tissue performed at other healthcare facilities that are not part of the Medical Center, the microscopic slides of such tissue that are relevant to or establish the patient’s current diagnosis shall be submitted to the University of Virginia Department of Pathology for confirmation of diagnosis prior to any substantive treatment, including but not limited to, surgical procedures or radiation therapy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no such review will be necessary if a) the tissue is specifically exempted from evaluation by the Operating Room Committee, or b) delay associated with such review would harm the patient. If the diagnostic outside material cannot be obtained for review, additional diagnostic material must be obtained before initiation of definitive therapy. Frozen section or fine needle aspiration biopsy immediately prior to definitive therapy is an acceptable alternative, provided it can provide adequate diagnostic information.

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  1. effective date:

    April 1, 2016