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policy 0159 : Restraint and Seclusion of Patients

All patients have the right to be free from restraint or seclusion, of any form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff. The University of Virginia Medical Center is committed to minimizing the use of restraint or seclusion; therefore the hospital will limit its use of restraint to only clinically appropriate and adequately justified situations. Restraint or seclusion will only be imposed to ensure the immediate physical safety of the patient, a staff member or others. Staff will assess and monitor the patient's condition on an ongoing basis to ensure that the restraint is discontinued at the earliest possible time, regardless of the length of time identified in the order. An individualized patient assessment and re-evaluation shall be used to determine that the need for restraint or seclusion is no longer present, or that the patient's needs can be addressed using less restrictive methods. This policy provides a standard of practice in the use of restraint and seclusion to preserve patient's safety, rights, dignity and well-being, regardless of the patient's location within the Medical Center.

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  1. effective date:

    February 1, 2021
  2. related or referenced content:

    Supersedes (previous policy): MCP 0229 "Use of Positioning or Securing Devices"