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policy 0270 : Death Certificates, Fetal Death Reports and Autopsy

A physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant (LIP) must certify deaths and fetal deaths in the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS). Consistent with Virginia Code § 32.1-263, the death or fetal death must be certified by the LIP in attendance of the death or fetal death within twenty-four hours after pronouncement of death by natural causes, delivery of a still born or termination of a pregnancy. The LIP must complete post-modem documentation in the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) for all infant, pediatric or adult deaths and a Consultation/Disposition form for all fetal deaths. An autopsy must be performed when the family requests an autopsy, the death falls within the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner or the LIP in attendance at the time of the death requests an autopsy. No autopsy shall be performed without written consent of an authorized representative unless inquiry or examination by the Medical Examiner is required by Virginia law.

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  1. effective date:

    April 1, 2021
  2. related or referenced content:

    Supersedes (previous policy): MCP 0014 "Death Certificates, Fetal Death Reports and Consultation/Disposition Forms".

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