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policy 0306 : Management and Documentation of Allergies in Patient Care

The electronic medical record (referred to herein as the “EMR”) is the official repository within the University of Virginia Medical Center (Medical Center) for all patient allergy information. Health care providers at the Medical Center must enter and/or verify allergy information in the patient’s EMR during each patient encounter. Medication orders shall not be processed by pharmacists until patient allergies have been verified for the current encounter. Upon initial encounter, health care providers shall inquire about the presence /nature of any allergies and apply red allergy alert armbands for patients in the inpatient setting and procedural areas with Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions/allergies. The Medical Center shall establish and maintain procedures to provide a latex-safe environment for patients and healthcare workers with known, suspected or potential sensitivity to latex.

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    Supersedes (previous policy): MCP 0208 "Management of Latex Allergy in Patients and Healthcare Workers".

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    Scott A. Syverud, MD, President, Clinical Staff
    Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace, CEO, UVA Medical Center