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policy 0084 : Health Information Request for Non-Patient Care Usage

Health Information Services (HIS) is responsible for approval of all requests to gain access to patient-specific medical records and documentation and/or aggregate patient data for use in non-patient care activities. Non-patient care usage involves the use of patient-specific health information for purposes unrelated to a specific patient's clinical treatment. This includes but is not limited to, clinical studies and research, quality/utilization reviews, billing and coding reviews, and clinical guideline development. Record requests for these activites are subject to the approval of the Administrator of Health Information Services,or his/her designee, and the availability of resources to retrieve lists of records for specific patient populations. Medical Center employees who directly access patient-specific electronic medical records for internal operational purposes, such as quality/utilization reviews or clinical guidelines development, are responsible for doing so within the limits of their approved access authority.

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  1. effective date:

    January 1, 2016
  2. signature(s):

    Robert S. Gibson, MD, President, Clinical Staff
    Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace, CEO, UVA Medical Center