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Table of Contents


UVAHS Women's Services:
Policies, Protocols, Guidelines, & CVRs

Inpatient Women's Services

Ambulatory Women's Services

     Children's Hospital and Women's Service Line Model Cell



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Inpatient Women’s Services


Competency Verification Record (CVR)

Obstetrics Department Specific Competency: (9/2018)

  1.01  Physical, Psychological, Social, and Cultural Dimensions of Care (Adult & Newborn)

  2.01  Nursing Care

  2.02  Technical Skills

  3.01  Patient Emergencies & Patient Safety/Security

  3.02  OB Emergency

  4.01  Utilization of Equipment: Unit & Patient Care Resources

  5.01  Newborn Care

  6.01  Post-Partum Care

  7.01  Antepartum Care

  8.01  Intrapartum Care

  9.01  Intraoperative Care

10.01  Progressive Care

11.01  Patient & Family Education




Infection Control


Medication Guidelines


Laboratory Guidelines


OB: Triage and Antepartum Care


OB: Intrapartum Care


OB: Surgical Care


OB: Post Partum Care


Neonatal Care (L&D and Newborn Nursery)


Breastfeeding Support


Family Centered Care


Perinatal Bereavement Resources


TWP Family/Visitor Guidelines


Social Services


GYN and GYN-Onc Care


Patient Education

Newborn Patient Education

Formula Preparation
Spanish--Safe Preparation and Feeding of Formula
English Safe Preparation and Feeding of Formula


Departmental Operational Guidelines


Research Studies



Ambulatory Women’s Services

Ambulatory Ordering Protocol for Obstetrics Patients (OB) (2018)

Amniocentesis, Diagnostic, Standard Work (OB)

Amniotic Fluid Index (OB)

Antenatal Corticosteroid Administration

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance Guidelines (OB) (2019)

Biophysical Profile (OB)

Birth Occurring in Clinic, Management of, Standard Work (OB) (2018)

Caesarian Scheduling and Pre-op Preparation: ERAS-OB, Standard Work (OB)(6/12/2018)

Care of Pregnant Women in the Ambulatory Clinics and Inpatient Obstetrics Units of the UVa Health System (OB)

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) Practice Agreement (5/2018)

Cervical/Vaginal Biopsy (GYN)

Chaperone Policy (OB and GYN)

Cholestasis of Pregnancy Clinical Practice Guidelines (OB)

Chorionic Villus Sampling, Standard Work (OB)

Colposcopy (GYN)

Condyloma Treatment (OB and GYN)

Depo Lupron, Administration (GYN)

Depo Provera, Administration (GYN)

Diabetes in Pregnancy 

Diaphragm Fitting (GYN)

EFM Certification Requirements for Women's Place Staff and Providers

Endocervical Curretage (GYN)

Endocervical Polypectomy (GYN)

Endometrial Biopsy (GYN)

ERAS OB Post Call Script (OB)

Fetal Blood Sampling, Standard Work (OB)

Hepatitis A Vaccine, Administration (GYN) (1/2018)

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV), Administration (GYN) (2/2018)

Hysteroscopy (GYN)

I&D of Vulvar Abscess or Bartholin’s Gland Cyst (OB and GYN)

Influenza Vaccination, Administration | CPG (OB and GYN)

IUD, Insertion (GYN)

Initiation of OB Care & OB Intake, SW (OB) (2018)


Management of Early Pregnancy Loss, (GYN)

Methotrexate Use for Ectopic Pregnancy (OB and GYN)

Microscopy, Point of Care, Standard Work (OB and GYN) (2016)

Nexplanon Insertion, Standard Work (GYN)

Nexplanon Removal (GYN)

Non-Stress Test (OB)

Nurse Call Line (OB and GYN)

PAP Test Collection Procedure (OB and GYN)

Perinatal Genetic Counselors, Laboratory Test Ordering Protocol (OB) (3/2018)

Pessary Fitting (GYN)

Pneumoccocal Vaccine | CPG (OB and GYN)

Patient Notification of Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) Ambulatory Service Schedule Changes Related
              to an Emergency Event

Prenatal Care Visits, SW (OB) (2018)

Requirements for Each Obstetric Patient Visit, SW (OB) (2018)

Sonohysterogram (GYN)

Sonosite Ultrasound Probes, Standard Work for Pre-Cleaning, Cleaning, and Transport to Fetal Care Center
             Battle Building

Sterilization Surgery (GYN)

Supervision of Residents and Fellows by Attending Physician (2016)

Tdap Vaccination of Pregnant Women (OB)

Ultrasound, Endovaginal (OB and GYN) (2018)

Ultrasound, First Trimester (OB) (2018)

Ultrasound, Second Trimester (OB) (2018)

Ultrasound, Third Trimester (OB) (2018)

Urodynamics Evaluation (GYN) 

VTE Prophylaxis Guideline, Pregnancy & Postpartum (2/2017)

Vulvar Biopsy/Excision (OB and GYN)

Zika Guidelines