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Pharmacy Policies And Procedures

Chapter 1 : Pharmacy Policies & Procedures

Section A : Administrative Policies

A03 : Pharmacy Scope of Services

A05 : Code of Conduct

A07 : Attendance Policy Addendum

A11 : Professional Advancement and Reimbursement Policy

A15 : Pharmacy Emergency Evacuation Plan

A16 : Chemical Inventories

A24 : Performance Improvement Plan

A25 : Pharmacy Systems Downtime

A26 : Emergency Response: Code 12/ Stat Pharmacist Participation

A27 : Emergency Response: Acute Stroke Alert

A28 : Patient Education Program

A110 : Scheduling Guideline - Inpatient Pharmacist Addendum

Section B : Policies Affecting All UVA HCPS

B02 : Persons Authorized to Administer Medications

B03 : High Alert Medications

B04 : Allergy Information

B05 : Management of Inpatient Medication Orders

B07 : Food-Drug and Herb-Drug Interaction Education

B08 : Multiple Dose Vials

B09 : Single Dose Sterile Medications

B10 : Recalled and Discontinued Pharmaceuticals

B11 : IV to PO Medication Switch

B12 : Medication Refrigerators and Freezers

B13 : Emergency Medication Kits

B14 : Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Program

B16 : Patient Care and Pharmacy Area Inspections

B19 : Documentation of Dispensing Information

B21 : Patient Package Inserts

B23 : Storage and Handling of Syringes and Needles

B32 : Pharmacy Downtime Requisition

B35 : Rescue Squad Boxes

B36 : Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication List

B40 : Bedside Storage of Self-Administered Medications

B42 : Barcode Medication Administration

B43 : Hazardous Medications

B44 : Storage of Concentrated Electrolytes

B46 : Pyxis Override Policy and List

B180 : Clinical Pharmacokinetic Consult Service

B200 : Infusion Pumps

B260 : Pediatric Dose Rounding

B250: Patient Own Medication Use at Infusion Centers

Section C : Central Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

C09 : Preparation, Checking, and Scheduled Delivery of Daily Medication Supply to Inpatient Areas

C17 : Splitting Tablets in Pharmacy for Pediatric Patients

C20 : Replacement of Medications and Sterile Products

Section D : Controlled Substances Management System

D14 : Pharmacy Controlled Substance Storage and Dispensing

Section E : Pharmacy Supply Chain

E01 : Medication Procurement

E05 : Management of Out of Date, Unusable, or Returned Medications

E15 : Medication Shortages or Outages

E20 : Loan-Borrow Policy

Section F : Medication Use Policy

F02 : Clozapine Patient Authorization

F06 : Medication Use Evaluation (MUE) Program

F08 : Sublingual tacrolimus administration

F10 : Inhaled ribavirin ordering, dispensing, and administration

F20 : Storage of Fluids in Warmers

F50 : Dofetilide management process

Section H : Ambulatory Pharmacy Operations

H02 : Prescription Dispensing

H04 : Discharge Prescriptions

H06 : Ambulatory Care Pharmacies Free Drug Programs

H11 : Cash Management

H13 : Mail Order program

H22 : Outpatient Pharmacy Controlled Drug Storage

H25 : Ambulatory Pharmacy PTO

Section I : IV Admixture Service

I12 : Standard Operating Procedures for the Clean Room Complex

I100 : Standard Operating Procedures for the Clean Room Complex -ECCCC

I150 : Latex-free IV Product Preparation

I200 : Chemotherapy or Hazardous Intrathecal Medications

I250 : Vinca Alkaloids

I300 : Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures for Clean Room Complex

Section J : TPN Service

J01 : Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Service: Adult and Pediatric

Section K : Miscellaneous

K01 : Investigational Drug Services

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