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Emergency Department Policy and Procedure Manual

Chapter : Emergency Department Policy and Procedure Manual

A-1 : ED Nursing Assessments and Documentation

A-2 : ED Admission Procedure

A-5 : Advanced Patient Care Triage Protocols

A-11 : Attendance

B-1 : Removal of Backboards by a Registered Nurse

B-3 : Blood Refrigerator

B-4 : Behavioral Health Patient Guidelines

C-4 : Chest Tube Placement

C-5 : Culture Follow-Up

C-7 : Chain of Custody , Legal Evidence

C-8 : Digital Communication

C-9 : Disposable Cautery Use in the ED

D-2 : Drug Screening for Non-Medical Purposes

D-3 : Delineation of Practice

D-5 : Decontamination Tank Procedures

D-6 : Difficult Airway Box

E-1 : Equipment and Supplies

E-4 : Education Time

E-5 : Continuing Education Requirements

F-1 : Forensic Blood Drawing - Adult

F-2 : Forensic Blood Drawing - Minors

F-5 : Employment of Forensic Nurses in the ED

F-6 : Food Impaction

H-1 : Care of Amputated Human Body Parts

I-2 : Intravenous Access

L-1 : Laboratory Testing In the ED

L-2 : Left Without Being Seen

L-3 : Lock Down Procedure

L-4 : LWOBS After Advanced Protocol Initiation

L-5 : Critical Lab Reporting

M-1 : Mass Casuality Incident Plan

M-3 : Maxillo-facial Trauma

M-4 : Medication Storage

M-7 : Monitoring of Patients in the ED

M-10 : Emergency Department Staff Meeting Attendance

N-3 : Nursing Assessments in the ED

O-1 : Outpatient Prescribing of Opioids in the Emergency Department

O-8 : Oxygen Outage

P-3 : Precautionary Watch

P-5 : Weight Based Pediatric Medication Administration

R-1 : Rapid Pneumonia Protocol

R-2 : Required Reporting

R-3 : Radiology Recall

R-5 : Radiation Exposure Plan

S-2 : Patient Search

S-3 : Security Management Plan

S-6 : Medical Screening Examination

S-8 : Screening and Stabilization of the Obstetrical Patient

S-9 : Staffing Guidelines

S-10 : Stroke Alert Procedure

S-11 : Sepsis Alert Procedure

S-14 : Shelter Screening in the ED

T-3 : Anonymous (Trauma) Numbers

T-5 : Interfacility Transfers

T-7 : Transportation of Patients

T-11 : Triage Guideline for Patients with Chest Pain

U-1 : Ultrasound Guided IV Inserion

V-1 : Visitors in the ED

V-2 : Valuables and Clothing

V-3 : Violence Procedure

P-2 : Severe Pain Stabilization Procedure

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