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Clinical Engineering

Chapter 1 : Equipment Listing

Equipment List

Chapter 2 : Users Manuals

Abiomed Impella 2.5

Abiomed Impella 2.5 Instructions




Mettler Toledo PG/SG Short-Form Instructions

Chapter 3 : Operations Manuals

Section : Beds

Advanta Acute Care Bed (cervical traction)

Affinity Birthing Bed (L&D)

BariMaxx II

Centrella (standard Acute/IMU bed)

Citadel Plus

Compella Bariatric Bed

Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed

FirstStep Select

Fluidair II and Fluidair Elite

KinAir MedSurg

MaxxAir ETS

P500 Surface

Posey 8070 Non-Violent Restraint Enclosure Bed

Progressa (standard ICU bed)

RotoRest Delta

Spirit Select

Total Care Bed

TriaDyne Proventa

VersaCare frame (Envision / integrated low air loss mattress)

Abbott Thermobrite

Abiomed Impella

Agilent G2565CA Microarray Scanner System

Air Science PurAir Basic Ductless Fume Hoods

Alaris Infusion Pump

Alsius Coolgard Thermogard

APC PowerNet

Arizant Bair Hugger 750

Arizant Ranger 245

Arjo Citadel Plus Bariatric Bed

Arjo Sara 3000

Aspect A-2000 BIS

Aspect BIS Vista

Baxter PCA

Bayer DCA 2000

Bayer DCA 2000+ Analyzer

Belimed CS 750 3.0 Operating Instructions

Belmont Rapid Infuser

Belmont Rapid Infuser FMS2000

Biodex Medical Systems Ultrasound Table

Bovie Electrosurgical Generator

Bracco Diagnostics Endoscopic Insufflator

Buffao filter smoke filter

Cadex C7000 Battery Analyzer

Cadex C7000 C Series

Cardinal Detecto Baby Scale 6745

Cardiofocus HeartLight® Endoscopic Ablation System

CareWise CTrack Analyzer

Carl Zeiss GDxVCC

Carl Zeiss Stratus OCT3000

Champion Recliner

Civco Astra Tee Transesophageal Probe

Clary Scientific UPS

Conmed Hyfrecator 2000

Coviden Capnostream Capnograph Pulse Oximeter

Covidien Kangaroo epump

CSZ Blanketrol 222 Hyper-hypothermia unit

CSZ Hemotherm 400R

Devilbiss Millennium

Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator 515 Series

DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator

DGH 55 Handheld Pachymeter

Drucker Horizon 755VES Laboratory Centerfuge

Eaton UPS

Ecolab Surgical Slush System ORS-1075HS ORS-1058HS

Edwards Lifesciences Vigilance II Monitor

Eppendorf Centerfuge 5415D 5415R

Eppendorf Thermomixer 5.15FP

Ethicon Endo Surgery Generator G11

Ezem Endoscopic Insufflator 6600

Fresenius Crit-line III

Fresenius Critline PM

Fuji CR User Guide

GE Apex Pro

GE Aware Gateway

GE Carescape V100


GE Corometrics

GE Dash

GE Dinamap

GE Smart Anesthesia

GE Solar 8000

GE Solar 9500

GE Transport Pro

GE Unity ID

GSI 39

Haag Striet Tonometer

Hansen Sensei Robotic Catheter

Hard Manufacturing Crib

Hemocue Blood Hemoglobin Photometer

Hettich EBA Centerfuge

Hillrom Advanta Bed

Hillrom CareAssist Bed

Hillrom Centrella Bed

Hillrom Progressa bed

Hillrom TotalCare Bed

HK Surgical Klein Infiltration Pump

HLD Systems Model 540 Pasteurizer

Houva Phototherapy System

IRIDEX IQ 810 Probe

Labnet Hermle Centerfuge

Laser Engineering SSI MD Laser

Leica Peloris Rapid Tissue Processor

Life Technologies Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer

Lonco Fume Adsorbers

Mach 130 Stand Lamp

Mach 130F/130

Masimo Radical Pulse CO Oximiter

MedCare CareLift

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Breastpump

Medtronics 5391 Single Chamber External Pacemaker

Mesalabs Phoenix PH Meter

Metro Flexline FL Locking Cart 410

Mettler PJ PR MT Balance

Mettler Toledo AE200MC

Mettler Toledo AG

Mettler Toledo B Balances

Mettler Toledo B SG Balance

Mettler Toledo Balance

Mettler Toledo Basic Level Balances

Mettler Toledo BB

Mettler Toledo L/L-S Balances

Mettler Toledo MT-SICS

Mettler Toledo PG-S

Mettler Toledo PG-S Balance

Mettler Toledo PJ12/15/1220

Mettler Toledo PR/SR Balances

Mettler Toledo SG Balances

Midmark 244 305 640

Midmark 630 104 204

Midmark Procedures Tabel 630

Misonix Sonic One Ultrasonic Wound Care System


Monica Novii Wireless Patch

Monica Novii Wireless Patch Troubleshooting Guide

Myron D-1 Dialysate Meter

Myron L Single Range Dialysate Meter

Natus neoBlue LED Phototherapy Radiometer

Natus neoBLUE mini

Natus NeoBLUE Radiometer

NDS Surgical Display 15 and 19 inch

NDS Surgical Display 23 and 32 inch

Neuwave Certus 140 2.4ghz Ablation System

Obix Fetal Monitor

Ohaus Adventurer

Ohaus Balance

Ohaus Explorer

Ohaus Explorer Pro

Ohmeda Giraffe Access

OR Solutions ORS 2000 Irrigation Solution Warning System

Organon Bluestar TOF Watch

Palomar Icon Aestheic System

Parker Porter Nitronox HD Scavenger System

Philips AED Algorithm Application Note

Philips EnVisor Series

Philips FRx Infant Child

Philips FRx Owner's Manual

Philips FRx Quick Reference Guide

Philips Intellivue

Philips SMART Biphasic Application Note

Phoroptor Clinical Manual

Pinnacle High Capacity Lift System

Reichert ML 1 Lensometer

Reichert ML1 Lensometer

Reichert Phoroptor Refracting Clinical Manual

Reichert Phoroptor Refracting User's Guide

Reichert Phoroptor Rev f

Reichert Refracting Instrument

Reichert Refracting Instrument Rev D

Respironics BiliChek

RF Technologies Series 5 Quick Response and Fall Management

RFTechnologies Series 5.0

S and S Technology Med Cart

S&S Technology MedCart

S-SCORT AC Suction Pump

S-Scort Model 2300 Suction Series

Sartorius Competence CP Series

Sartorius Test Equipment

Sartorius Weighing Applications

Scale Tronix Stretcher Scale

Seca Scale

Sensormatics Oscillating Ventilator

Sensormatics Vent 3100A

Sensormatics Vent 3100B

Siemens Clinitek Status Analyzer

Sims Deltec PM Cadd

Skytron 6500

Skytron Surgical Table 6500

Skytron Surgical Table 6600

Skytron Surgical Table 6700

Smiths Medical 3010/3010a Syringe Infusion Pump

Smiths Medical CADD-Solis 2100/2110 Admin Settings

Smiths Medical CADD-Solis 2100/2110 Operator's Manual

Smiths Medical Medfusion 3500 Syringe Infusion Pump

Smiths Medical Medfusion Syringe Infusion Pump

Smiths Medical Normoflo Fluid Warmer

Smiths Medical Solis Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Somatics Sytems IV

Somatics Thymatron System IV ECT

SonoSite M-Turbo Ultrasound

Sonosite M-Turbo Ultrasound System

St Jude Medical Ilumuen System Intravascular Imaging

Statspin Express 2 Centerfuge

StatSpin Express 2 M501-22

Steris SCS Conveyor System

Steris Surgical Table

Steris Surgical Table Accessories

Steris SurgiGraphic 1027

Stryker 5050/5051 Operations Manual

Stryker Crossfire 2 Integrated Resection and Energy System

Stryker Crossfire Arthroscopy Pump

Stryker GoBed II MedSurg Bed

Stryker Prime Series Stretcher Big Wheel

Stryker Stretcher Chair

Stryker Temperature Therapy t pump

Sunoptics Cuda Elite 300 Surgical Lighting Accessories

Sunoptics Cuda Elite 300 Surgical Lighting

TEE Probe Safety Check

Terso Solutions RFID Cabinet

Terso Solutions RFID Refrigerator Freezer

The Medical Pinnacle High Capacity Lift System

Thoratec HeartMate II LVAS Operating Manual

Thoratec HeartMate Power Module

Thoratec Heartmate Ventricular Assist and Power Module

Titmus Vision Screener

Topcon Retinal Camera

Topcon TRC-50DX Instruction Manual

Topcon TRC-50DX Retinal Camera

Transonic Bypass Flowmeter HT110 Operator's Manual

Transonic Bypass Flowmeter HT110

Transonic Hemodialysis Monitor HD03

Transonic HT314 Flowmeter

Transonic HT314 Flowmeter

Transonic HT314 Quick Reference Guide

Troemner Mass Calibration

Troemner Mass Calibration Service

Troemner Precision Calibration

Trumf Medical Surgical Table Lighting and Remote

Tyco Impulse 6060

Tyco Kangaroo ePump

Tyco Kendall Enteral Feeding Pump

Tyco Kendall Impulse Pump 6060

UMF Medical Power Table Chair

ValleyLab ForceTraid Energy Platform

Valleylab ForceTriad User's Guide

Verathon Bladderscan BVI 3000

Verathon Bladderscan BVI 9400

Verathon GlideScope GVL and Cobalt

Verathon Glidescope GVL and Cobalt

Verathon Scanpoint

Volcano Smart Map Pressure Instrument

Welch Allyn Braun Pro 4000 Thermometer

Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor

Winco Nocturnal Care-cliner Reclining Chair

Witt Biomedical Calysto Series IV

Witt Biomedical Physiomonitoring Calysto Series IV

Zimmer Automatic Tourniquet System

Chapter 4 : Procedures and Guidelines

0037 : Emergency Equipment Rental Procurement

0123 : Equipment Inventory, Initial Testing and Inclusion

0125 : Notification of Down Equipment

0073 : Equipment Preventative Maintenance (PM) and Maintenance Strategies

Equipment Add/Tagging Standards

Wireless Device Tracking

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