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Health System Policies

Chapter 1 : Access

ACC-001 : Health System Identification

ACC-002 : Access Control to Health System Facilities

ACC-003 : Health System Tours

Chapter 2 : Behavior

BEH-001 : ASPIRE Values

BEH-002 : Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

BEH-003 : Professional Appearance

BEH-004 : Alcohol and Drug Free Environment

Chapter 3 : Governance

HSG-001 : Health System Policy Development, Review and Approval

HSG-002 : Fundraising

HSG-003 : Gifts and Gratuities - retired

HSG-004 : Solicitations

HSG-005 : Assessment of Gifts to the Health System

HSG-006 : Patient Rights and Responsibilities

HSG-007 : Parking and Enforcement in Controlled Areas

HSG-008 : Management of Student Practicum/Preceptorships

HSG-009 : Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information for General Fundraising Purposes

HSG-010 : Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information for Marketing and Related Purposes

HSG-011 : Patient Surveys

Chapter 4 : Information Management

INM-001 : Requirements Concerning Confidential Information

INM-002 : Requests by News Organizations (“the Media”) for Patient Information and Access for Photography or Electronic Recording

INM-003 : Faxing of Patient Information

Chapter 5 : Safety and Emergency Preparedness

SAF-001 : Emergency Management Procedures

Chapter 6 : Information Technology

IT-001 : Technology Acquisition - Acquisition of IT-Enabled Resources Connecting to Health System Resources

IT-002 : Use of Electronic Information and Systems

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