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Protocol Title: Sodium Sensitivity of Blood Pressure

Description of Study: UVa Health System, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, seeks generally healthy men and women, ages 18-70, with normal weight to moderately normal weight (BMI 18-29) for a research study. The study is open for genetic screening of up to 3000 people until February, 2009. -- The purpose of the study is to look at the effects of dietary salt on blood pressure (BP) in relationship to certain genes. The study involves limited genetic testing and if selected for the study: EKG, chest X-ray, physical exam, blood and urine test, and 2 weeks of prepared food. There is one visit for the genetic screening (45 min) and one visit for healthy subject assessment. If selected for the study, there are 7 visits for food pick up, each lasting 1 hour for BP measurement, over a 2 week period. Three additional, once/week, visits (15 min each) are necessary if currently on blood pressure medication. -- Website: www.lowerbloodpressure.org

In-Patient or Out-Patient Protocol: Out
Number of In-Patient visits to the GCRC: 0
Number of days per In-Patient visit: 0
Number of Out-Patient visits to the GCRC: 

Gender: M_or_F Age range: Over18

Medications that will be administered during this protocol: none

Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria: Men and Women ages 18-70 with normal and high blood pressure. Good general health, normal weight or moderately overweight (BMI 18 to <30), African American/black or Caucasian/white, able to discontinue hypertension meds for 5 weeks. Not pregnant or nursing. Not taking clonidine. No history of: kidney disease, heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure or very poor circulation in the legs.

Procedures required for this protocol: First screening is a limited genetic testing using blood and cheek cells looking at genes involving hypertension. Pre-study screening tests: EKG,Chest X-ray,blood chemistry,lipid levels,and urinalysis. If tests are within normal limits, then one week each of low and high salt prepared diets. Participants will pick up prepared food at GCRC and have vital signs taken, will collect several 24 hour urines and return them to GCRC. Blood will be drawn on last day of each diet-week. Hypertensive participants will discontinue hypertension medication for 3 weeks with careful monitoring and then start the 2 weeks of diets. They will resume their hypertension meds after completing the two weeks of diets.

Clinical Department associated with protocol: Endocrinology & Metabolism¬†

Field of study associated with protocol: Prevention

Monetary compensation for completing study: 100
Other (non-monetary) compensation: Lab test results, personal information about salt sensitivity and blood pressure. In addition, two weeks of prepared food.

HIC Number: 11494
Study Coordinator Contact Information:
 Cindy Schoeffel   Phone: (434) 924-1634   email: cds2t@virginia.edu

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